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We’re looking for Brand Ambassadors! Wanna join the Pack?

Do you enjoy spending time on social media and creating the coolest content? Is the gym your second home? Are you a goal getter just like us? Then you’d be perfect as an Ambassador. If you love our gym wear and can’t wait to tell all your friends or followers about us, it’s a no-brainer to make some extra cash at the same time!

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Here's what you get

Unlimited discount of 25% on ALL products

Your own 15% promo code and affiliate link to share with your followers

8% commission on every sale made with your promo code

Featured on our social media and website


How it works

  1. Sign up

    It’s simple: click the ‘sign up’ button below and fill in the form. You'll get an email confirmation that you're good to go after we've reviewed your application.

    We’ll provide you with your own discount code, and the promo code and affiliate link to share with others. When you’ve placed your first order, it’ll come straight to you. You can order anything you want at any time.

  2. Start posting

    Time to shine! Create, share, and spread the word! Introduce your followers and friends to our brand. Let them know 

  3. Track your sales

    After signing up you automatically create an account. In your account there’s a dashboard where you can track the sales you made aka how much money you’re getting. Every sale that is made with your promo code or through your affiliate link will be shown here.

  4. Make money

    Share your promo code or affiliate link with everyone you know and earn some serious cash. You’ll get an 8% commission on every sale that you triggered.

    Please note that you must have a PayPal account to receive your earned commission. New to PayPal? Sign up for free here.



Feel free to contact us any time through social media or send an email to


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Before you apply, please make sure to read our Terms & Conditions.

Also, don't forget to set your profile on public and to follow us on Instagram.

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