Women’s gym wear

Women’s gym wear

Are you searching for new women’s gym T-shirts, hoodies or leggings? Our collection is filled with must have pieces to add to your pile of gym clothing. Our gym wear makes women feel good. Work out in style and push yourself to the limit. Discover our women’s fitness wear for high and low intensity workouts and unlock your full potential!

High quality fitness clothing for women

Whether you love doing HIIT workouts, home workouts or strength training, we’ve got the gear that you’re looking for. Take your pick of various women’s sport tops and leggings. You’ll find fitness crop tops or regular T-shirts with a rounded hem that make your curves look as good as they can! Keep your muscles warm after an intense workout with our super soft unisex hoodies. Yes, unisex. That means you won’t ever have to steal your man’s hoodie again. 

Our collection has a minimalist feel and exists of neutral tones that are inspired by nature. What are your go to colors? All black everything or do you prefer a softer color like light rose, sand or olive? Top your performance levels with gym sets you’ll feel amazing in.

Women’s workout leggings

A lot of things can be wrong about gym leggings. They can be too tight, have weak seams or are not flattering at all. With all these cons in mind we took on the challenge to create and find the right fit. The result? Leggings that only have pros! Our high waisted leggings are designed for functionality, comfort and style. The extra softener we added to the fabric gives the leggings a soft feel against your skin. These workout leggings make you feel comfortable, confident, and supported in every workout. 

There’s nothing like a fresh pair of brand new leggings. We could wear them literally every day. Trust us, you will too, once you’ve tried on our high waist sport leggings.