Patricia Smit set a world record during the Lift Against Cancer

She did it! Patricia Smit, one of our brand ambassadors, has set a world record during the Lift Against Cancer in Turin, Italy. In this challenge, all women were able to participate by taking a barbell and lift it. Every rep that was made during the competition is transferred into money that goes straight into breast cancer research, which is done by Fondazione IEO-CCM.

The Challenge

Patricia and the other competitors were challenged to reach as many reps as possible within 180 seconds. They could do this with a barbell and weight of their own choice.

Patricia lifted 2656 kg in 180 seconds, which was more than the other 5 female participants - who flew in for the competition as well - did.

Guinness World Records

2565 kg... That’s a world record, and what an accomplishment this is! Patricia has now set a new record: Overall Female World Record Bicep Curl. A representative from Guinness World Records was also present to officially determine this brand new record. Which is pretty awesome, because now Patricia will appear in the next edition of the book Guinness World Records.


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Want to see more of Patricia? Follow her journey on her Instagram page.