About Us

We are Wolftech Gymwear

As Wolftech Gymwear we combine the rawness of nature with the sophistication of humanity. We don’t boast, but skillfully approach our goal and crush it. This shows in our minimalistic designs, made with colors derived from nature. On the other hand, we leverage human intelligence by setting goals and reflecting on our progress. Our high quality and durable gym wear is designed to fit perfectly and make you achieve your goal most effectively.



Looking to the future, we are striving for growth and becoming a well known gym wear brand across the globe. Our core values are part of who we are, what we stand for and how we act. They are the key to our success.



Even though our roots lie in the Netherlands, we are a truly internationally oriented company. Whoever you are, whatever body type you have, whatever country you’re from, our love for fitness unites us. We believe that working with and for people of different backgrounds and thinking styles, help us grow our brand. 


Looking good, feeling fit and staying healthy, everyone has their own way of working on their personal goals. It is our mission that you enter the gym full of confidence, wearing fitness clothing that you feel good in. Wolftech Gymwear is for everyone that is dedicated to achieve their goal. Be part of the pack!


Something we can probably all agree on is that fitness clothing should fit right. A comfortable outfit is essential if you want to be able to move freely during your workout. But to be fair, who doesn’t also want to look good during a gym session? Our fitness clothing is modern, fashionable ánd comfortable.



What does Wolftech stand for? It’s a commonly asked question, which we’re happy to answer.

First, ‘Wolf’. Wolves have a strong family bond and represent power. They are social animals that motivate and stimulate each other. Sounds familiar, right? This behaviour often occurs at the gym as well. Whether you are training because you want to lose weight, become ripped or just stay fit, everyone at the gym helps and supports each other. That is how it should be, and that is also why we chose a wolf to represent our brand. 

‘Tech’ comes from technology and finds its meaning in humanity being able to keep improving themselves as companies continuously improve their clothing used for practical purposes, such as working out.

Besides that, technology also reminds us that there are no limitations. If it wasn't for technology, we simply wouldn't be able to engage with our customers outside of the Netherlands.  



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